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Baby Brezza Help

➕ Baby Brezza settings can be found on their website under the International Tab.  Check this occasionally in the event there is an update. Click here. As a quick reference guide, the following settings can be used (as of 3/1/19):

  • Formula Pro~ Hipp 1(3), Hipp 2(7), Hipp3(8), Holle Cow 1(8), Cow 2(7), Cow 3(9), Goat 1-2-3(10), AR(7), PreHA(5)

  • Formula Pro Advanced~ Hipp 1(4), Hipp 2(6), Hipp 3(5), Holle Cow 1(7), 2(9), 3(n/a), Goat 1(6), Goat 2-3(7), AR(5), PreHA(5)

➕ European formulas are NOT FDA APPROVED.

➕ Your container/box may be dented due to lack of love coming thru customs.  It is out of our control should the outer boxes become damaged en route to the US. The inner pouch of your formula should not be compromised. If so please contact us for a replacement. If occasional dented cans and boxes will bother you, please consider American formula. Thank you for understanding!

➕ The directions on your box will be in a foreign language.  You can find a link (in English) of packaging information for Holle in each of our product descriptions.  You may also follow the picture directions, or visit the Hipp website here or the Holle website here.

➕ Recommendations directly from Hipp.  Hipp recommends boiling the water.  Please visit here for exact recommendations in English. 

➕ The ratio to mix is one scoop to one ounce of water for Hipp & Holle.  Should you misplace your scoop, it is equal to 1.5 tsp Holle and 2 teaspoons for Hipp. Level, but do not pack the scoop.

➕ Formula must be used from the time of mixing within 2 hour room temp. It is recommended to mix fresh each time. Discard any unused.

➕ Your formula should not expire within the next 10-12 months and can be found on the bottom of your container.  However, once you OPEN the formula, you have a limited amount of time to use it up.  Holle recommends to be used within 14 days, Hipp recommends within 21 days.

➕ Opinion: transitioning can help baby slowly adapt. From the Holle & Hipp Facebook Page (not official), a provided guideline that pertains to all bottles of the day for switching from either American formula or breastmilk, states: Day 1-2 (3/4 of what you are using now and 1/4 of new formula).  Day 3-4 (half and half of each formula/breastmilk and new formula).  Day 5-6 (1/4 old formula/breastmilk and 3/4 new formula). Day 7 (try 100% new formula).  If you want to transition slower, just add an extra day to each combo above.

➕ How long it should take to see a difference.  It can take up to 1-2 weeks to adjust.  As the PH in your baby's tummy improves you may see loose stool for a few days, maybe a yellowish color.  This is normal.

➕ Learn about REFLUX. If you think your baby may have reflux you can find useful information from Hipp here.

➕ Learn about LACTOSE INTOLERANCE. If you are curious about the signs your baby may be lactose intolerant, Hipp offers guidance here.

➕ Learn about COWS MILK PROTEIN ALLERGY. Different than a lactose intolerance, Hipp has useful information on what to look for here.

➕ Learn about COLIC. Unsure if your baby is just fussy or really has colic?  Learn about ways to identify and useful ways to cope here.

How much Formula does each box make?

➕ Holle 400g boxes will make you roughly 90 fluid ounces. 

➕ Holle 600g boxes will make you roughly 140 fluid ounces

➕ Hipp 900g containers will make you roughly 200 fluid ounces.


which one should i choose?

These are general guidelines.  Float baby Houston offers consults for customers or consult your pediatrician. Schedule One here.

My baby is breastfed exclusively but I want to supplement with formula.  I am not dairy free and my baby has not shown any signs of gastro issues so far (reflux, gas, rash).
— Try: Holle Cow or Hipp Dutch with pre/pro biotics
My baby is breastfed or formula fed, has diagnosed reflux and is on medicine.
— Try: Hipp Anti-reflux
My baby has been seen by a pediatrician, stool was tested and blood was found.
— Try: Holle Goat or Hipp Pre-HypoAllergenic


Which stage should I choose? 
General guidelines for daily recommended  value.

  • PRE~ birth onwards

  • HA/AR~ birth onwards

  • STAGE 1~ HiPP & Holle 0-6mo

  • STAGE 2 HiPP~ 6-12mo

  • STAGE 2 Holle~ 6-10mo

  • STAGE 3 HiPP~ 12+mo

  • STAGE 3 Holle~ 10-12mo