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Are you a mom who is interested in earning money while helping to provide the best formula choices for other families in your area? Qualifying candidates will be selected as pick up location sites for regional Door Dash orders. Formula will be stocked at your home, ordered by clients online through our website, and Door Dash will pick up the orders for delivery from you (10 mile radius regions). Please send us your info below if you are interested. A site visit will be conducted prior to finalizing our agreement with you. This will be to provide you with necessary training, and to verify your location, dedicated storage area, cleanliness and temperature control measures for stocking our formula.

Licensing Info for Formula 911

Sell our formula in your store. IT’s EASY!

Are you a baby store wanting to expand your business but not interested in reinventing the wheel? Formula 911 has the baby formula delivery business figured out for you! Popular among parents who truly seek an organic option, you can enjoy knowing you have added a great product and service to your retail site. Read below about how to become a licensee of Formula 911*.

Interested? Please send us your info and we will be in touch ASAP.

Name *
Phone *

Required by some states:

  • Must have been in business for at least 24 months

  • Must sell similar products or complimentary products to the formula

  • Must distribute the formula from your storefront and main place of business

  • Anticipate that formula sales will not exceed 20% of your annual other gross revenue

Do you meet the requirements? Read on to understand the perks of joining our little company!

  • Association with an established brand (Float Baby) that promotes Formula 911 on social media channels regularly

  • Enjoy exclusive purchasing rights and pricing from our trusted vendors in the EU

  • Social media cross promotion of your store as a Formula 911 pick up location

  • Mention on bi-weekly posts on our Float Baby Facebook page (65,000+ followers) and Instagram (11k+ followers)

  • Access by your clients to our established website to purchase formula online and directly pick up from your store location

  • Access by your clients to purchase Formula 911 thru the linked Float Baby app for ease

  • Access to our established website to offer Door Dash to your clients

  • Your address/name listed as a Formula 911 site for pick up location on our established website

  • No cost to you for Door Dash orders, customer pays the negotiated rate that we have arranged

  • Client calls may be directed to the Formula 911 phone line for support, for questions and answers that your staff may not have time for

  • Initial and ongoing training for your Staff

  • Use of the Formula 911 logo for marketing and window decal, mailers, etc.

  • Benefit from Float Baby paid advertising about Formula 911

  • Formula 911’s social media managed by a professional marketing company

  • Custom packaging available for purchase (delivery bags, container labels with reorder reminder)

As an established company in this formula space, we have grown by offering excellent customer support and access to an actual person for phone or in person consults. DoorDash has been extremely popular and we have added new clients daily by offering this unique option to moms.

We’ve worked out the kinks and are ready to help grow your formula business within our successful model.

*Not available in cities that have a Float Baby location